Hiking Tours


Half Day Tour: For the group that just wants to wet their beak a little bit and enjoy  the day hiking in the Buckskin without camping.

Our tour begins high on a ridge with an amazing vista where you can see for miles with lands just begging to be explored. We chose a different starting point for this  tour than most because the first 6 miles of the Buckskin gulch can get  very muddy and the deep pools of cold stinky squishy stagnant water is  not necessary to experience the grandeur of this slot.

If you enjoy  wading through 40-ish degree water correctly named "the cesspool" for  several miles we are not the company for you. We drop down a little used trail that's hard to find just past the afore mentioned sloppiness. The first intro to the Buckskin is a fantastic Anasazi petroglyph panel  depicting early human life in the area. We wander down the canyon  stopping several times for pictures. This trip lasts between 4-5 hours  and you should be in reasonable shape with good hiking shoes or boots.  Lunch and drinks are provided all for just $150 per person. RESERVATIONS

Full Day Tour: This trip gives you the great highlights of the Buckskin packed into an amazing day trip. We extend the 4 hour trip a few extras and make it a 7 hour extravaganza. Our goal is to make it to the rock jam of the  Buckskin gulch 4 miles from our entry into the canyon. The canyon  becomes more and more scenic as we head down towards the confluence. I  once heard that some's good but more's better so here is a little  extended trip for the all day hiking crowd. You are sure to love this  one at just $200 per person. RESERVATIONS

Trips to Coyote Buttes, Teepees and White Pockets available on request

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